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Health Tips / Articles - 5 months ago

My Day on a Plate: Mariam Ribon

Spanish born Mariam Ribon is the Artistic Director of the Irish Youth Dance Festival.  Where do you shop? Organic market in New Market Square, some items in Lidl and Super Valu. Can you list the contents of your weekly shop? I tried to go organic...

Health Tips / Articles - 7 months ago

My Day on a Plate: Olwyn Dunne

Olwyn Dunne is the first female race director of the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon. CAN YOU LIST A TYPICAL WEEKLY FOOD SHOP? I have three growing teenage sons so 18 litres of Full fat Milk (I’m not a huge fan of milk and I get my calcium from yoghurts,...

Health Tips / Articles - 8 months ago

My Day on a Plate: Alison Curtis

Alison Curtis presents her Weekend Breakfast Show on Today FM every Saturday from 8 to 11am and on Sunday 7 to 10am. Where do you shop?  Like most people I split it between shops – it is mainly between Aldi and Nolan’s in Clontarf (for the fancy bi...